We Surveyed 100 People and Here Were the Top Answers!

Posted Monday, Apr 27, 2020

We surveyed car shoppers to ask them what they wanted from their used car shopping experience and the results made sense.

Here are the results

Fair Pricing
No Hassle Experience
Easy Financing Options
Take care of us after the sale

Fair Pricing

Nobody wants to pay too much for anything, especially not a major purchase. The price of a vehicle has become a science with the internet and a dealer has to put their best pricing upfront in today's market. We actually use a powerful software program to help make sure that we price a vehicle to what is called "market-based" pricing so you won't pay too much.

Everything is transparent now, a customer can look up similar vehicles in minutes and quickly see what other dealers are asking for their vehicles. This is great for the consumer and we love it since it takes the games out of buying a car. We price the vehicles fair upfront, stand behind them with a warranty, and give you a fair price.

No Hassle Experience

Buying a used car shouldn't take hours and should be easy. With the current social distancing guidelines that are more important than ever. There are two areas that take time in the car buying process, negotiating the deal and arranging to finance. The first one is easy to control, we just don't play games with customers. Here is our best price minus your trade value and let's make a deal. We don't play I have to talk to my manager and go back and forth for hours over a couple of hundred dollars. Most of the time the owner or manager is involved right upfront to make it easier for you.

The financing part of the deal can be out of our control since we have to wait for our lenders to respond to us with the exact rates and terms. If you have perfect credit this doesn't take long but we shop for the best rates for you and this may take a couple of hours. The best way to get ahead of this delay is to apply online early and we can have the credit details ready for you upfront.

Easy Finance Options

This is the hardest area for dealers since it is different for every customer. Sometimes banks or finance companies will have 6 different rates or terms depending on what year of the vehicle, a person's credit score, and job time. We work with several banks and credit unions and our goal is to find the best terms and rates for every customer. This can take time and sometimes we don't get the terms a customer is looking for so we have to look at different options.

If credit may be an obstacle with buying a car talk to us about your credit early and we can guide you with the best match of lenders and cars. Sometimes we may suggest cleaning up a few items on your credit bureau and come back when this is clean. We have lenders who will work with almost any type of credit, good and bad, but the best way is to let us know if credit may slow down the deal process.

Take Care of Me After The Sale

This one is something that we take pride in and is the reason we stand behind our vehicles with our 3-month 3,000-mile warranty. The advantage we have is we have our own service center with very talented mechanics and make sure to inspect our vehicles before we sell them. This allows us to handle any major problems that come up after the sale. We call it our PricedRite Peace of Mind Protection, we won't let a major problem haunt you after the sale.

We took these ideas and put them in place. Our system is easy, we use software to make sure our prices are on target, we have non-commission salespeople to take away the pressure sale, we have financing options for any type of credit and we have 3 talented mechanics who inspect our vehicles so we can offer a 3-month warranty on every certified vehicle.

Our Google reviews and customer service both before and after the sale are important to us and the reason we have been serving Nebraska car buyers for years.