The PricedRite Auto Referral Program

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We Want to Give You $100. But We Really Want to Give You $200.

We are not joking. We want to give you $100. But We really do want to give you $200. If you’ve bought a vehicle from us (or even if you haven’t) We’d like to pay you to be a salesman of sorts, with our PricedRite Referral Program!


So, here’s how you get paid. Click the button below to get your sheet of referral cards. Print ’em out, cut ’em out, fill ’em out, and give ’em out to that person you know who is looking for a quality vehicle. 


If they buy a car, we’ll cut you a check for $100 and they save $100 on their vehicle purchase. 


But, We did say We’d rather pay you $200. If you test drive with your friend, and they buy a vehicle. You get that $200. And they save $200. Everyone wins!


We look forward to meeting your friends and family. You can be sure We’ll take good care of them, too. Same as you.

Get started with our referral program today, click the button bellow.